How do I make rust to a working executable?

Hey I am completely new to the programing scene. I have been trying to compile Rust to a working executable for Windows or Linux for my high school Senior Project. I have not had any luck what so ever. Any Ideas on how I can compile it to a working executable? I am running Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and Ubuntu, and Debian.

It's unclear what you are asking. Are you trying to build the Rust compiler itself from source?

I installed Rustc on my windows computers and Linux computers because I looked up how to make a working executable and was the application that kept popping up. I am trying to compile some code I got off of GitHub. The code is in 100% rust and I need to get it to compile into a working executable so I can pass my Senior Project. I am at a lost on how to get it to work. When I go to the file the was built when I used "cargo build --release" on cmd and start it, it just gives a string of binary then close. What am I doing wrong?

I don't know if this makes any sense.

What is the expected output?


The project is supposed to check all possible bip39 mnemonics just using CPU.

Have you tried a minimal example like a hello world? I would recommend doing

cargo new hello
cd hello
cargo run

for test in some directory.

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It prints this:

start: 1100000010011110000110101101011111100110001111110001000000011110001111101001111001111110011111011010110101000000001010000000
end: 1100000010011110000110101101011111100110001111110001000000011110001111101001111001111110011111011010110101000000001011111111
127 possibilities
elapsed: 55

I would guess this is expected?

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No I am extremely new to rust. The only command I know is "cargo build --release" and that's it.

then i guess you just learned two more.. you should probably read the cargo guide


It is supposed to scan through every known bip39 mnemonics. Cantrell used his gpu code to check over 1 trillion possibilities in 30 hours when he rented gpu time.

Ok I will thanks.

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If the program compiles and runs, then you did nothing wrong. If it prints a large binary string, then that's what the program does.


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