How do I import the aubio-rs crate in the main file and how do I get started with it?

So with this crate: aubio_rs - Rust

I already put it in the Cargo.toml file, but in the file how would I import this library?

I additionally want to know how do I get started with this as I am very lost. How would I import a music and start analysing the data on the song etc?

as well as putting it in the Cargo.toml file, you typically have a use statement, although you can reference items directly.

For example:

use aubio_rs::FFT;
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I see, thanks,

How would I also get started with this crate? I want to read a file called audio.mp3 and I want to get beats per minute, pitch/key signature and loudness of the file, would you happen to know exactly how to do this if this is the correct crate I am using?

I think you need to look around at the documentation. Following links in the crate

got me to
and then

I saw an example written in C, you would need to translate this to Rust ( which should be fairly straight-forward ).

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i had a look at the website i don't think aubio supports key detection (it does support pitch detection); unfortunately i don't know any other library that does this, and i don't think this is an easy problem to solve (see this stackoverflow thread)

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Thanks mate :slight_smile:

With this library aubio-rs do you know how I can play a song and get the beats per minute value? I am kinda bad at this at the moment?

for playback, have a look at

for bpm there seem to be several solutions, either aubio that you linked above or maybe simple_bpm?

disclaimer: i haven't used any of the above myself

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