How do I force builds for Android

Hey guys, so if I am using a GUI library that isn't supported for Android, then is it possible to force it to run on Android possibly by using cargo-apk or something?

Of course not, since "isn't supported" = "isn't implemented with Android API". The only possible exception I could think of is if the "library" is, in fact, something web-based, so that you can make your application open a WebView (or something similar) and draw everything inside it, but I don't know whether this was done somewhere - this approach seems to be highly inefficient.


I have been looking into using termux which (if I understood correctly) allows me to port over the GUI application to make it work on Android. Is this possible I could use this?

You mean if the GUI libraries either support this or not? I know that iced for example does support web based applications so is it possible for me to use iced to make web based applications and port it over to Android? If so does this require a lot of work or can I just simply package it using cargo-apk?

In terms of performance wise you mean, right?

Ah, I see. In this case, you can't use the application alone, you need to install an X server - here are some starting points (disclaimer - I haven't tried it myself).

No, this is not a property of a GUI library - in this case, it will be simply rendering to the browser-like environment. I'm about something like Cordova, but more adapted to the fact that the application inside might be non-Javascript.

Both performance and development. There are just too many steps to do, AFAIK.

On fdroid's webpage for termux

With this plugin you can make GUI applications in Termux without using VNC or a X11 server.

Ah right I see mate.

Yeah maybe I should ditch the idea of using Rust for mobile app development, it just isn't quite ready yet sadly :frowning: stated that this plugin uses native Android GUI, and there's a link to documentation, which clearly states that this plugin is a GUI library on its own. On the one hand, no other GUI library would work on top of it, since, well, they are not designed for that. On the other hand - you can use its C API to write something directly with it.

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I get you now thanks.

Just one last thing, with conrod gui library, can I develop web apps since it is not mentioned anywhere afaik?

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