How do I contribute error messages?


I would love to help w/ making more helpful error messages for some common mistakes (though I have been blown away by the helpfulness of the compiler errors :slight_smile: ).

Could someone point me in the right direction for contributing?

An example of an error I’d like to improve:

let a = 0;
let b = 1.1;
let c = a + b;

<anon>:25:13: 25:18 error: the trait `core::ops::Add<_>` is not implemented for the type `_` [E0277]
<anon>:25     let c = a + b;

From what I’ve seen, some errors are more helpful than others (suggesting fixes). Is there an easy way to add more special cases?


Issue 24,407 is the main metabug for adding error explanations to error messages. That one in particular is probably this bug though the nice fix is probably here.