How do I conditionally compile with new Rust features while still supporting older Rust versions?

I want to use min_const_generics in a library, but fall back to a different implemention for users of Rust 1.50 and below, where it isn't available.


mod foo {}

mod foo {}

This doesn't work, and the only methods I've come up with are:

  1. use explicit crate features to opt in or out of min_const_generics.
  2. publish a new version that uses min_const_generics but also maintain an older version that doesn' use it.

Am I missing something or is there really no way to express this?

As is often the way, almost immediately after writing this post I found

I assume that crate wouldn't exist if there was a built-in way to do it.


I would just use a build script. I think appropriately named cfgs are more readable than specifying rust versions everywhere. For example see semver/ at master · dtolnay/semver · GitHub

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