How do I cast a structure to Vec<(&str, String)>?


I would like to cast the structure below to Vec<(&str, String)>, but I don't know how.

struct Post {
    user_id: i32,
    id: i32,
    title: String,

Do I need some other crate?

The format I want to output

I want to output the same results as generated by the code below.

        ("user_id", 1.to_string),
        ("id", 1.to_string),
        ("tile", "This is title".to_string()),

I checked past topics but could not find any applicable ones.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don't think there is a ready-to-use method for that, but you could simply define one:

impl Post {
    fn fields(&self) -> Vec<(&'static str, String)> {
            ("user_id", self.user_id.to_string()),
            ("title", self.title.to_string()),

Note that you should use the 'static lifetime for the field name.


Iā€™d additionally recommend to use HashMap<T0, T1> instead of Vec<(T0, T1)>


Appreciate the advice.

Thanks to your help, it went well.

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