How can we make this crate support ?Sized?

selfref is a nightly-only crate we made which lets us have more flexible self-ref structs than what was available with alternatives (see also Pain-free self-referential pinned types - selfref (nightly only)).

however, we'd really like to have dyn Trait support. we tried to do it with selfref 0.2.0 but it doesn't seem to work. any ideas how we might be able to pull it off?

also related: qcell + selfref? · Issue #37 · uazu/qcell · GitHub (this also includes a failing example of our attempts to use ?Sized, in the 2nd comment).

apparently we ran into Unsizing coercion does not normalize associated types in structs. · Issue #75899 · rust-lang/rust · GitHub aka unsizing fails when associated types are involved · Issue #50213 · rust-lang/rust · GitHub so we just need to... throw more nightly at it? we're not sure what to do here.

edit: ah just gotta wait now. ^^