How can non-coders help your Rust project?


The Rust Community Team has been asked to provide guidance to non-coders about how they can get involved and help out with Rust projects. We’re working on a list of ways, other than writing code, for people to get involved with Rust. So far we have:

  • Proofread Rust project and popular crates’ documentation
  • Translate or proofread translations of docs
  • Organize or help organize a local Rust meetup or conference
  • Fundraise for community-run Rust conferences
  • Find a Rust project for which you’re in the target audience; use it and provide feedback
  • Invent or improve logos and art used by Rust projects
  • Signal boost Rust news; blog about Rust news and its relevance to people outside the tech industry
  • Help a Rust project moderate its wiki and unofficial discussion channels
  • Triage a Rust project’s issues

What is this list missing? How can contributors help your Rust project or local community without writing code?