How can i use CryptUnprotectData?

i make a simple chrome password exractor but i dont know how to put parameters in CryptUnProtectData

pub unsafe fn CryptUnprotectData(
    pdatain: *const CRYPTOAPI_BLOB,
    ppszdatadescr: *mut PWSTR,
    poptionalentropy: *const CRYPTOAPI_BLOB,
    pvreserved: *mut c_void,
    ppromptstruct: *const CRYPTPROTECT_PROMPTSTRUCT,
    dwflags: u32,
    pdataout: *mut CRYPTOAPI_BLOB
) -> BOOL

sorry for my bad english

The docs for the win32 API have more details on that function

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Most of the parameters are optional and unused by Chrome so it’s not too hard to call, once you've parsed the JSON state file and Base64-decoded the encrypted key with normal Rust code:

fn unprotect(data: &mut [u8]) -> windows::core::Result<Vec<u8>> {
    let data_in = CRYPTOAPI_BLOB { cbData: data.len() as u32, pbData: data.as_mut_ptr() };
    let mut data_out = CRYPTOAPI_BLOB { cbData: 0, pbData: null_mut() };
    unsafe {
        CryptUnprotectData(&data_in, null_mut(), null_mut(), null_mut(), null(), 0, &mut data_out).ok()?;
        let bytes = slice::from_raw_parts(data_out.pbData, data_out.cbData as usize).to_vec();
        LocalFree(data_out.pbData as isize);

That code will leak memory if to_vec() panics, but I don’t think that’s a big problem in this case.

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