How can I help contribute to the Rust Embedded Working Group?

Hello Rustaceans,

I'm a Rust enthusiast and I'm interested in contributing to improving the embedded support in Rust. However, I'm not sure where to start or who to contact. I have already joined the matrix chat and checked out some issues on GitHub, but as a second-year undergrad student with work commitments, I'm a bit time-constrained. Nonetheless, I'm very eager to learn and contribute in any way I can.

I am the software lead for the space design team at my university, and we were all excited about using Rust. However, coming from PlatformIO and C++, we felt that the support and ecosystem for Rust were lacking. As a result, we decided to stick with C++ for now, but I want to do something to make the experience with Rust more seamless and better, reducing the barrier to entry.

If there's anyone who's experienced in Rust embedded development or who knows the right people to contact, I would greatly appreciate any guidance you can offer.

I have already joined the zulip and matrix chat.

Thanks all!

Have you read through the README on the repo rust-embedded/wg? In particular, the "How you can help" section should be relevant for you.


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