How can I get involved in Rust development team?

Hello, guys~
I'd like to join Rust development team.
What's the step? and how much are the dues?

There are many aspects of the "Rust development team", well laid-out in the Governance Page of Another place to look in terms of getting engaged is the Community Page.

Digging deeper, if you visit the Rust github repo, you'll see under Contributing, pointers to a Getting Started guide, and a guide to the rustc source code.

Since you're asking about dues, maybe you're interested in checking out the Rust Foundation.


Note that Rust Foundation membership is not at all connected to the development teams. So while you're welcome to join the foundation, development is driven by simply showing up and doing the work. Over time you may be asked to formally join a team, but this is not required to be a contributor!


Thanks you guys - @dylanmc, @cuviper
All are helpful answers.

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