How can I gen VS sln file use cargo, just like C++ CMake tool

How can I gen VS sln file use cargo, just like C++ CMake tool.Is there another tool?
I use IDE, VS and VisualRust plugin.So I don't want to manager my project through VS. I think cargo is best, but I create project through cargo, It can't import VS. I create project through VS, but there is no Cargo.toml file manager my project.It makes me puzzle.

So, as an example, consider urproj as the project name and Documents/urproj as the project root folder. Use cargo to create the project in Documents with "cargo new urproj" (append --bin if it's not a library, also --vcs VCS if you're using a version control system, replacing VCS with git, cvs, svn, etc.).

You'll have the Documents/urproj with a cargo.toml file and a src folder, which contains the main source file, for a lib or an executable. Use VS then to create the project at Documents/urproj (for this, you can set the root at Documents and the name as urproj, it'll reuse the existing folder). You can now program in VS and use cargo to build, test and run your project. (PS.: if you're using a vcs, set up a .xignore (.gitignore, .svnignore, etc) to ignore VS folders and meta files)

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The plan is for VisualRust to have direct Cargo integration. It's taking a while to actually implement though.

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Yeah!Thank you very much.You are the perfect answer to my question.