How can I do this work below in Rust?

As in Swift ,it's very convenient to do "print((1...100).reduce(0){$0 + $1})" ,calculate 1..100.

What about in Rust?

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Starting from Rust 1.12 (released today!), you can use the Iterator::sum method:

fn main() {
    // return type is required here, sum is quite generic
    println!("{}", (1..101).sum::<i32>());

More direct translation of your Swift code would use Iterator::fold instead:

fn main() {
    println!("{}", (1..101).fold(0, |a, b| a + b));

In either case, keep in mind that Rust's range is always exclusive at the end, hence 1..101.


And the many folks using the Nightly compiler can also write it with an inclusive syntax:


fn main() {
    println!("{}", (1 ... 100).sum::<u32>());

Actually starting from Rust 1.11. From today was the stabilization of Sum, the trait used to implement .sum().

wow,It's cool.