How can I define a slice of slices?


This code:

let test = [ 
    &[1, 2, 3], 
    &[10, 20]

Gives the following error on the [10, 20] array:

expected an array with a fixed size of 3 elements, found one with 2 elements

But I’m putting & characters before the inner arrays, so their type should be &[i32] for both, instead of [i32; 3] and [i32; 2]. Why is it not working?



I believe it’s creating &[T; N]s, not &[T]. Try adding […] to the end of both.



As @steveklabnik mentioned, type inference thinks you want an array of references to a 3-arity arrays, as that’s the first element it sees in there.

You can add [..] to just the first element (note it’s two periods, not 3, for the full range specifier) to tell inference you want slices. Or you can add a type ascription to the let binding: let test: [&[_]; 2] = ...

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Thank you! That was it.