How can I build rsbegin.o & rsend.o?

I want to know how to build rsbegin.o & rsend.o in rustlib/src/rust/library/rtstartup .
I want to cross compile to i686-pc-windows-gnu.
And don't use pre-compiled package -> rustup target add i868-pc-windows-gnu .

This is how rust's build system builds it: Needs nightly rustc.

Are you building rustc from source? If so rust's build system will already build it for you. If not, why do you want to avoid the rustup version while still using the rustup version of rustc itself?


Thanks. Just try to build rust-std from source.

Thanks. Just try to build rust-std from source.

Manual build, it works. Can I possible to build them by "cargo build -Zbuild-std"

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