How can I assign to a variable an f64?


How can I assign to a variable an an empty f64 using or depending on which one would be the best to use for this.


What do you mean? Those two libraries do different things, one exposes a python C API, and the other lets you declare multidimensional arrays...

Neither have anything to do with assigning to an f64.

let x: f64;
x = 2.0; //This is assignment to an f64

I want to create a variable with a numpy float rather than a normal float. This is because in python numpy you can assign a variable to np.float64. I was wondering what would be the equivalent in rust.

I would suggest just simulating a call to numpy.float64. (i.e. import the numpy module, and call its float64 method). You should try to keep the output as a PyObject in the rust code rather than converting it to f64. The precise way to do this may depend on how you are interacting with Python. (e.g. cpython, pyo3...)

I don't think the numpy C API exposes these types either, which is why there's nothing in the numpy crate. (And honestly I do think you need to have a pretty esoteric use case if you truly need one of these types and a Python float or rust f64 won't do!)

Ok how do I write the code?

Don't be a Help Vampire. Nobody is going to write your code for you.


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