How accessibe is Rust?

Hi all, I'm starting a Software Engineering apprenticeship, and have been asked to look into Rust as a potential technology for my employer, for use with client projects.

One thing I haven't been able to establish is how well accessibility standards can be implemented with Rust.

What kind of accessibility standards do you mean?

If you're going to develop applications using OS-native UI toolkits, then you can use lower-level OS-specific APIs for C, and then you can do everything that C programs can. If you use higher-level Rust wrappers, then it depends. gtk-rs is pretty complete, but there are some Rust-native UI toolkits that don't have any meaningful accessibility support yet.

If you're developing applications with a web front-end (or a WebView), then they should be as accessible as the HTML you generate.


In terms of accessibility, I mean making things easier for disabled people, or people with impairments and/health conditions. So things like screens readers, options to alter UI etc.

I think your answer makes sense though, so thank you. :slight_smile:

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