Homu-on-heroku: How to deploy a Homu instance to Heroku


TL; DR https://github.com/japaric/homu-on-heroku

If you don’t know what’s Homu or why you should use it check http://homu.io/

The issue with homu.io

Although homu.io provides an easy way to use @homu with your repositories, right now, it’s not allowing registration of new repositories (I envy those that registered their repos before the registration page stopped working). Until homu.io registration page comes back we need need an alternative.

The alternative

And the alternative is to roll your own Homu instance and use that with your repositories. So I wrote this Heroku app that configures and launches a Homu instance; and that you can also deploy and run at zero cost.

Deploying the Heroku app is nowhere as simple as registering on homu.io so the README in that repository documents all the required steps. On the bright side, you get to name and own a Homu bot.

Just so you know what you get:

That’s it. If you encounter any issue (or typo) while following the guide let me know and I’ll help.