Homepage *Installer* redesign

Okay, nice that you have a new Rustup version which you want everyone to use, but can you still make the old stand-alone installers available to download?

I found the Standalone installers page, but it took a bit of hunting, and is less readable than the old downloads page. Additionally, I need to download a specific rust-nightly version. Where can I find the list of all archived versions?


Thanks for the feedback @dhardy.

The new 'other installer' pages is more difficult to navigate if you just want to find the installer for one of the big three platforms. In exchange though it includes much more information than the old installer page, so I hope that's worth something to those looking for binaries for less-common platforms. In what ways do you find the page less readable?

The archive index is here: https://static.rust-lang.org/dist/index.html. I did remove the link from the website hoping that nobody used it, but I'll add it back.

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@brson One thing I liked about the old page was it was a really quick way to find when the next Beta was going to be released as stable. Could that date be added back in somewhere easy to see?

I appreciate having all of the installers visible, but what if you added some small section breaks for each of the tiers defined in the book: Getting Started

Something like:

Tier 1 (Or just an unlabelled section break)

  • i686-apple-darwin
  • i686-pc-windows-gnu
  • ...

Tier 2

  • x86_64-unknown-freebsd
  • ...

This way everything is still shown, but it's a little easier to pick out the installers most people are probably looking for for offline installs.

I used it often, thank you for adding it back :slight_smile: