Homepage for the documentation of a workspace?

I have a workspace with multiple libraries and multiples binaries. I would like to have a homepage for its documentation that would be opened by default with cargo doc --open. This homepage would list the local crates with their one-line documentation (just like you have a one-line presentation of every modules in the documentation of the respective lib.rs/main.rs).

I would like to make it easy for other people of my team to have a quick overview of the project, and this would be ideal. What are my options?

Note: currently running cargo doc --open builds the documentation for every crates and their dependencies, then open of the documentation of the first item listed in the member section of the main Cargo.toml. This isn't great because it make it hard to discover the local crate (they all drown in the list of external crates). I also noticed that if I first build the documentation with cargo doc then does it a second time with cargo doc --no-deps the deps are still visible.


I'd love to see workspace docs be better supported, with a separate front page and the crates in the workspace separate from the dependencies. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any great solutions for this or existing issues on cargo. Maybe a cargo-* crate that does the job wouldn't be too difficult to create as a shared solution.

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