Home-made Rust scripting


I’m not sure about the category, but anyway…

I started writing Rust scripts for my home use to learn Rust in its pre-1.0 era, and I was shy to show my dirty, messy code. The scripts I made were mostly to automate different things on my home server, not a big deal. I didn’t bother to make things nice or beautiful, cover everything with tests (beyond training myself in test writing), or write comprehensive documentation (I already know all dirty corners of my server, I’m not bothered about sharing these things very much).

That said, now I have quite a solid set of scripts I’m content with, so I decided to share them with the world. Here they are: https://github.com/kstep/rust-scripts

I shared them mostly because I wanted to showcase that Rust scripting is quite possible. Also, now I can point to these scripts in my lectures, set an example for new Rustaceans, etc., etc…

What’s more interesting, is these scripts made birth to a lot of my crates. Yup, vkrs, yadns, pb, pocket, mpd (I’m yet to write scripts to use it, they will follow, some day) — all of them were created because I needed these functionality for these scripts. So consider them to be of historical value :slight_smile:

So, here they are — a bunch of bad written home-made scripts, which gave birth to a lot of useful crates. Do whatever you want with them.


The mpd link seems to be down or misconfigured. Is it still available?