Hide warnings in non-workspace path dependencies?


I'm working on a (closed-source) project with a large number of crates. They're all in one workspace linked by path dependencies, and this works well.

However, we also have some additional crates of autogenerated code. These autogenerated crates are in the same repository (so depended on as path dependencies), but are not part of the workspace.

The fun comes with warnings. Currently, cargo's behaviour is to allow all warnings from git and version dependencies, but not from path dependencies. This causes me problems when rustc adds a new lint - I can easily fix all the 'normal' crates in the workspace, but not the autogenerated crates (at least, not as easily).

The upshot of this is that I'd ideally like some mechanism whereby cargo would add --cap-lints to path dependencies outside the workspace when building inside a workspace.

Is there any way of doing this? If not, I'll explore raising this as a feature suggestion.