Hide bootstrap boilerplate at entry point

I previously have experimented creating an entry point like:

pub fn main() {

/// do not modify this function
fn initialize_rialight() {
    include!(concat!(env!("OUT_DIR"), "/rialight_entry.rs"));

Is there a way to simplify this main.rs? For example, eliminate the boilerplate and prevent user from breaking their main.rs.

The more ideal would be for the user to have this simple main.rs:

fn main() {
    // managed code

Then tokio::main and the include boilerplate happen elsewhere.

Note that my goal is to create a multi-media platform which is able to initialize new Cargo projects by itself.

// lib: bootstrap
macro_rules! bootstrap {
    () => {
        async fn main() {

pub fn initialize_rialight() {
    //include!(concat!(env!("OUT_DIR"), "/rialight_entry.rs"));
// main.rs

Kinda, but is there a way to completely hide that bootstrap code from main.rs?

build.rs might help.

Yes, I've used it. It still won't resolve the issue of boilerplate included in main.rs

P.S.: I'm aiming to rewrite that repository.

I made a wrapper library as a learning project, how to clap and to make it easier for "me" to write programs, and not have to write a main(). Silly?

The library has some macros. All pretty much the same, but with some modifications allowing running the program multiple times, or mutability / ownership of the struct.

To write a program I code

  write_nomain_control!(program, Opt);

somewhere in the rs file.

The words "program" and "opt" are the function and function arg that will run. As the program.

fn program(opt: &mut Opt) -> Result<i32, nomain::return_code::ReturnCode>{
     println!("{:?}", opt);

#[derive(clap::Parser, Debug)]
 #[clap(name = "program", about = "Do not write main.")]
 struct Opt {
     // Your struct can have normal clap derive objects
     /// If you want, you can give me some words.
     #[clap(name = "words")]
     words: Vec<String>,

     // The special nomain_controls item must exist in your struct
     // You MUST include the following two lines.
     nomain_controls: nomain::control::Controls,

You could maybe do similar method? The writers of programs then can not mess up main().
They write a function.
They write a macro call to put the function in.


The macro writes the main. My "nomain" macro calls clap and does other stuff. You could have your macro expand to

pub fn main() {

/// do not modify this function
fn initialize_rialight() {
    include!(concat!(env!("OUT_DIR"), "/rialight_entry.rs"));

No main is seen in the programs rs file code.

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