Hi-Res Cargo Icon


Is there a high resolution version of the cargo icon anywhere? I’m talking about the one at the top left of crates.io.

I would like to use a higher resolution version of that image in a slide about cargo for an Intro to Rust talk I’m giving at OpenWest in July.


I found this in the repo, you need Sketch to open it: https://github.com/rust-lang/crates.io/blob/master/assets/icons.sketch

Related issue: https://github.com/rust-lang/crates.io/issues/319


I cannot find the Cargo logo in that Sketch file.

In rust-lang GitHub repos, there are (at least) three copies of the Cargo logo (one, two, three), all committed by @alexcrichton without any mention of its source. The name “cargo logo small” implies that there is a higher-res version, but I’m unable to find it.


@edunham had a really nice looking version of the logo, probably an SVG, in her slides at RustFest EU’s keynote.

Maybe she knows the source?


@booya There were no cargo logos in that file. :’-(

I will use the small logo for now, until @alexcrichton or @edunham or someone else can point me towards a higher-res one!


You can download the slides at http://talks.edunham.net/rustfest2017/spreading-rust.odp - it’s slide 40 that you’re talking about, and no, that’s the exact same 306x275 bitmap image.


Ohhhh :disappointed: it looked great on stage. Sorry for sending you to a fruitless source.


Well, if it looked good on stage once, hopefully it looks good on stage again. :slight_smile: