Hi everyone, I'm new, I just recently started learning programming. Please tell me how to fix the problem?

Welcome to the world of programming. Since you have just started to learn programming, the first thing that you need to master is the anxiety that an error triggers in you, and read carefully what the error is actually telling you.

In this case, the message says that the fields name, age and balance from the Person struct are never read. This is not an error, but a warning. As soon as you use the aforementioned fields, the message will go away.


In addition to moy2010's universally-applicable advice of "Read what the computer is telling you," when asking people online for help with your code, you should not post an image of your code. Instead, post the actual text of the code so that others can copy & paste it and tinker with it themselves, and also post the actual text of any error or warning messages you're getting. For Rust specifically, you can use the Rust Playground at https://play.rust-lang.org/ to share runnable code snippets.