Hi, are there new GUI retained libraries out there?

I know I may have asked this before but this time round I am asking if there are any new recent GUI retained libraries out there that is cross platform support at least between Windows, Linux and Android and is easy to use?

if it is experimental with Android, if the library supported web as well, wouldn't it be possible to port it to Android easily as Android has webview, even if it is not a "native" app?

There are probably one or two in the works. I've been watching GitHub - gxi-rs/gxi: Cross-Platform Native Widget based Component System in Rust but it's not done yet.


Thanks mate :slight_smile:

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I understand it doesn't currently support Android, however since Android has webview support, am I able to make a web application, package it up using cargo-apk and then Android can display the app as a webview?

I suppose you could but that would only be a short-term solution at best. @aniketfuryrocks would be much more qualified to answer. He's the author.

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