Here i have skipped 7 line but now i want to get result from that result which i have skipped. I want to get 1st line from it but i can not get it then how can i get this first line?

use std::fs::File;

use std::io::{Write, BufReader, BufRead};

use std::io;

fn main() {



fn run() -> Result<(), io::Error> {

let path = "hosts.txt";

let mut output = File::create(path)?;

write! (output, "host, Ip


# Host Database


# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface

# when the system is booting.  Do not change this entry.

## localhost   broadcast host

::1  localhost")?;

let input = File::open(path)?;

let buffered = BufReader::new(input);

for line in buffered.lines().skip(7  ) {   // I need to skip the first line of the file

    let record = line?;

    println!("{:#?}", record);

    let mut dog = String::new();

    record::stdin().read_line(&mut dog).unwrap();

    println!("Hello {}!", dog);

    let data: Vec<&str> = record.split_whitespace().collect();


let buffered_lines = buffered.lines();
let first_line =;

for line in buffered_lines.skip(7) {
    // …

Is that what you want? I'm not entirely sure, I understood your question and the comment in the code.

I have done this but now I want the first line from that obtained part.

et buffered = BufReader::new(input);

for line in buffered.lines().skip(7  ) {   

    let record = line?;


    println!("{:#?}", record);

    println!("{:#?}", first_line);


I have done this

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