Help with Rc and RefCell

I've got a nested struct, where a child struct is saved in a member with "Rc<RefCell>".
When I want to access a method of Child in a main struct method with "(*child.borrow_mut()).child_method()" I get the following error message:

no method named child_method found for struct std::cell::RefCell in the current scope
method not found in std::cell::RefCell<Child>

I'm using the same syntax as I've found in examples found on the web. So I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. Any help?

The repo of a full minimum example can be found here:

Please post the full error as reported by cargo build (in a code block).

It's because you have std::borrow::BorrowMut in scope and you're calling the wrong borrow_mut. Remove it from scope if you don't need it, or try

        let mut tabs = (*tabs).borrow_mut();

In more detail, the receivers considered when you call a .method() on your Rc<RefCell<T> are

  • Direct receiver
    • (1) Rc<RefCell>
    • (2) &Rc<RefCell>
    • (3) &mut Rc<RefCell>
  • By Deref coercion
    • (4) RefCell<T>
    • (5) &RefCell<T>
      • RefCell<T>::borrow_mut matches this one
    • (6) &mut RefCell<T>
      • <RefCell<T> as BorrowMut<RefCell<T>>>::borrow_mut also matches this one

When the BorrowMut trait is in scope, you get back a &mut Rc<RefCell<T>> and fail to call child_method() on it.

You can remove the BorrowMut trait to remove (3) (and (6)) from consideration, or you can explicitly dereference to start the candidate receivers at (4).

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