Help with offline rust installation

I have a pc but it is not connected to the internet and I do not have access to any other, I use my mobile to download the installers and libraries of other languages, but when I install rustup it gives me an error, I already have a package that contains more than 200 crates. to use but I don't know how to put it to work. it tells me there is no tool chain installed. Can someone explain or send me the address to download an offline installer

Try this page and look for your architecture?

rustup installer may be insufficient in practice. If you use any dependencies (and most likely you will need some), Cargo has to download index and tarballs.

If you build a project once when online, then ~/.cargo directory will cache enough to build it again offline. You can copy ~/.cargo between machines and use cargo with --offline flag.

There's also cargo vendor command that copies all dependencies to local paths. That helps build a project offline.

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