Help with Lettre! vm issue

i made a email function using Lettre which adds attachments and certain body of functions if required.

It is working great on 3 computers but in my VM (win10) it has the following error: Lettre::transport:smpt:ERROR {kind: Connection, source: Failure (OS {code: -2146762487, kind: uncategorized, message: "A certificate chain processed, but terminated in a root sertificate which is not trusted by the trust provider })} Os {code: 2, kind: notfound, Message: "the system cannot find the file specified."}..

its a certificate issue but cant see what is the best way out.

The vm is barebones and new. any guidance is appreciated..

Here is my current code:

use lettre::message::SinglePart;

use lettre::{Message, SmtpTransport, Transport};

use lettre::transport::smtp::authentication::Credentials;

use lettre::message::{Attachment, header::ContentType};

pub fn send_email(log_file_path: &str, use_system_info: bool) -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {

    let email_address: &str = ""; // looking to make this stronger and not hardwired
    let password: &str = "gmailapppassword";
    let system_info = get_system_info();
    let first_e = first_email();

    let email_body = if use_system_info {
        format!("See attached.\n\nSystem Information:\n{}", system_info)
    } else {
        format!("See attached.\n\n{}", first_e)
    let filename = String::from("File.txt");
    let filebody = fs::read (log_file_path)?;
    let content_type = ContentType::parse("text/plain").unwrap();  
    let log_attachment = Attachment::new(filename).body(filebody, content_type);
    // original
     //let log_attachment = SinglePart::builder()
    let email = Message::builder()
                              .body(String::from (email_body))      
    let creds = Credentials::new(email_address.to_string(), password.to_string());
    let mailer = SmtpTransport::relay("")

        match mailer.send(&email)
            Ok(_) => {
            Err(e) => Err(Box::new(e)),

Lettre seems to support different TLS libraries via dependency features native-tls, rustls-tls and boring-tls. Which one you are using will be key to fix your certificate issue.

Thank you, i am leaning towards rustls-tls as it can be contained within my program without depending on external libraries.

Ill look into its implementation and if i have to change to native later on ill advise.


i would prefer to just use the existing code as making the "native" and "rust-tls" changes seems to be breaking my function, especially with the attachment.

Is there a way to have the "danger_accept_invalid_certs" or something?

examples welcome.

Just sharing that it was a certificates issue on my VM nothing to do with the code mentioned above..
Closing this thread now.. Also you have a working email sending (gmail app password required) with attachments..

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