Help with inferred return type

In the following code, I can not figure out why the compiler is inferring the return of the process in OuterResult as Option<Option<T>> instead of just Option<T>.

Essentially, I guess I'm confused why it inferred T = Option<T>

My (naive) thought was that the filter applied should handle the Option<T>s that will be returned from iterating over inner_results.

Any insight is appreciated!

trait Inner{
    type Output;
    fn get(&self) -> Self::Output;

struct InnerResult<I, F> {
    iter: I,
    op: F,

impl<I, F> Inner for InnerResult<I,F>
    I: Iterator,
    F: Fn(I::Item, I::Item) -> I::Item,
    type Output = Option<I::Item>;
    fn get(&self) -> Self::Output {

trait Outer{
    type Output;
    fn process(&self) -> Self::Output;

struct OuterResult<T,F>{
    inner_results: Vec<Box<dyn Inner<Output = Option<T>>>>,
    op: F,

impl<T,F> Outer for OuterResult<T, F>
    F: Fn(T,T) -> T
    type Output = Option<T>;
    fn process(&self) -> Self::Output {
            .map(|inner| inner.get())
            .filter(|e| e.is_some())

fn main() {
   let reduce_op = |x,y| x+y;
   let inner1 = InnerResult {
       iter: 0..5,
       op: reduce_op,
   let inner2 = InnerResult {
       iter: 6..10,
       op: reduce_op,
   let outer = OuterResult {
       inner_results: vec![Box::new(inner1),Box::new(inner2)],
       op: reduce_op
   let sum = outer.process();



   Compiling playground v0.0.1 (/playground)
error[E0277]: expected a `FnMut<(Option<T>, Option<T>)>` closure, found `F`
  --> src/
43 |             .reduce(self.op)
   |              ------ ^^^^^^^ expected an `FnMut<(Option<T>, Option<T>)>` closure, found `F`
   |              |
   |              required by a bound introduced by this call
   = note: expected a closure with arguments `(T, T)`
              found a closure with arguments `(Option<T>, Option<T>)`
note: required by a bound in `reduce`
  --> /rustc/90c541806f23a127002de5b4038be731ba1458ca/library/core/src/iter/traits/

error[E0308]: mismatched types
  --> src/
33 |   impl<T,F> Outer for OuterResult<T, F>
   |        - this type parameter
38 |       fn process(&self) -> Self::Output {
   |                            ------------ expected `Option<T>` because of return type
39 | /         self.inner_results
40 | |             .iter()
41 | |             .map(|inner| inner.get())
42 | |             .filter(|e| e.is_some())
43 | |             .reduce(self.op)
   | |____________________________^ expected `Option<T>`, found `Option<Option<T>>`
   = note: expected enum `Option<T>`
              found enum `Option<Option<T>>`

Some errors have detailed explanations: E0277, E0308.
For more information about an error, try `rustc --explain E0277`.
error: could not compile `playground` (bin "playground") due to 2 previous errors

That's because inner.get() returns a Option, which leads to type incompatible error.

The fix is filter_map. But the ownership problem is more interesting to solve. Rust Playground

Thanks, I'm a little embarrassed I didn't try filter_map first, as that is what I convinced myself I was actually doing, oops!

This example isn't exactly what I'm trying to accomplish but I'm sure your ownership changes will come in useful!