Help with conda forge feedstock recipe for MS windows

i'm trying to get a rust application i wrote into conda forge. the feedstock recipe works for linux and mac, but not windows. can someone please help? i'm out of ideas. thanks.

since the linux and mac builds well, I think it's probably a problem related to their CI pipeline configuration instead of rust, but just to be sure, did you try to build the package locally on a windows machine?

I don't know about conda-forge, but simply checking the log, I found the following lines:

set PREFIX=C:\bld\aitch_1683324871524\_test_env
set SRC_DIR=C:\bld\aitch_1683324871524\test_tmp

(base) %SRC_DIR%>call "%SRC_DIR%\conda_test_env_vars.bat" 

(base) %SRC_DIR%>set "CONDA_SHLVL="   && 

(base) %SRC_DIR%>conda activate "%PREFIX%" 

(%PREFIX%) %SRC_DIR%>IF 0 NEQ 0 exit /B 1 

(%PREFIX%) %SRC_DIR%>call "%SRC_DIR%\run_test.bat" 

(%PREFIX%) %SRC_DIR%>if not exist %PREFIX%\\bin\\hstatus.exe exit 1 
Tests failed for aitch-v0.2.0-h975169c_0.conda - moving package to C:\bld\broken failed for aitch-v0.2.0-h975169c_0.conda - moving package to C:\bld\broken
TESTS FAILED: aitch-v0.2.0-h975169c_0.conda
##[error]Cmd.exe exited with code '1'.

so it seems to me your test failed. please check your configuration. full log:

thanks for your help. yes, i have gotten everything to work locally on windows. am completely stumped as to what the problem is with conda-forge's CI pipeline.

i saw those lines too, but think the problem is further up in that same log file:

Packaging aitch aitch-v0.2.0-h975169c_0
Packaging aitch-v0.2.0-h975169c_0
No files or script found for output aitch files or script found for output aitch
number of files: 0

well, if there were no output but the build phase didn't error out, the most probable reason might be that your build script didn't run at all! and the CI envionment falls through the testing phase. you can confirm this by intentionally fail in the build script and see if the CI fails at build step or testing step.

whatever reason it might be, you'd better consult a conda-forge expert. I think you will get better help from conda-forge forum than a rust centric forum. I'm not complaining, just a suggestion.

indeed, the windows build script didn't run at all because i had named it build.bat instead of bld.bat. doh! :man_facepalming: thanks for you help!

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