Help with a Raspberry Pi GPIO crate for a possible workshop


I've got the opportunity to put together a Rust workshop at an upcoming Raspberry Pi event in Cambridge. The idea is that Rust novices (but hopefully not complete programming novices) would come in and sit down at a Raspberry Pi with some lights and buzzers attached. They would then spend about 45 minutes work through some exercises introducing them to cargo and some basic Rust syntax, making the buzzers and lights blink, reading button status etc. It's like a beginners introduction to Python on the Raspberry Pi, but in Rust. Because static languages ftw.

To make this work, I would need a crate along the lines of RPi.GPIO (the Python Raspberry Pi GPIO library) and I'm not sure I've got time to put that together. I guess you could write a Rust workshop without using GPIO, but I find that that physical interaction with hardware really helps cement the idea that 'I do this, then that happens' - much more so than just printing words and numbers to the screen.

Is anyone interested in helping make this happen?



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