Help using rust-analyzer with gnome builder

So i have been trying to get gnome builder to work with rust-analyzer, but even with the rust language server option turned on It doesn't work. I saw this blog post: GNOME Builder ❤️ Rust Analyzer Part 1 | Günther Wagner but in the first step I never saw the option to install language server, and so there is no code completion, or seeing warnings, etc. Does anyone have this working that can help me?

Hey Matthew,

the latest Gnome Builder from flatpak doesn't support installing rust-analyzer on its own. You need to install it manually as is described here: User Manual
Although you don't need to put it into ~/.local/bin. ~/.cargo/bin or anything else in your $PATH should work as well.

Is that an issue with gnome-builder or with flatpak?

gnome-builder switched from downloading the rust-analyzer binary to using the rust-analyzer binary now included in the Rust flatpak SDK: WIP: Use SDK integrated rust-analyzer binary instead of the host one (!341) · Merge requests · GNOME / gnome-builder · GitLab

But in gnome-builder 40 that doesn't work for me (and others). But putting the rust-analyzer binary into $PATH works.


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