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The information I want on would be irrelevant for those crates, but is hugely useful in general. In particular whether the crate supports Windows and whether it requires any external libraries (other than system libraries like windows api).


I can't +1 this enough. As a new Rust developer who started working with Rust using Piston on Windows, it was challenging at first wading through examples and Github pages to find out that I needed to install MSYS2 (for gcc) and at the time had to figure out I needed to add a C library FreeType to link in (that dependency is now thankfully gone).

Also, knowing whether a crate supports nightly and/or stable Rust is important (and a badge for docs/GitHub page example). Perhaps even giving the option to list what versions of stable Rust it supports.

While I'm not sure they are exactly the best system, perhaps Rust could look at the PyPI trove classifiers for some inspiration.

A few I'd like to see in some way:

Development Status :: ...
Operating System :: ...
Programming Language :: Rust :: Stable
Programming Language :: Rust :: Stable :: 1.13.0
Programming Language :: Rust :: Nightly

I'm definitely getting inspiration from PyPi :slight_smile:

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If the package uses travis, the build status combined with information from .travis.yml works for answering this. It would of course be great if could check and display it.