Help updating a wikimedia-editing tool written in Rust

There's a tool written in Rust that I'm trying to activate on an additional site. It's basically doiung text manipulation and API calls.

My question is: somewhere in its github files, it's being configured to run only on a few different language wikipedias, wikicommons, wikispecies and wikisource. I want to also add Wikiversity to that list. However I don't speak enough Rust to work out what needs to be changed.

I realise this is a pretty nebulous request, but I don't speak enough Rust to formulate it better! Any assistance/ideas welcomed,

After a cursory look at a small portion of the code, based upon some searches, I am left with the impression that the relevant wiki URLs are loaded from the MySQL database.

I get this impression from the code in the update_bots method. In particular, this portion of the code which loads a list of strings from the database and calls it wikis, followed by this portion which filters the list into a new list called new_wikis, finally followed by this portion that calls get_or_create_wiki_api for each element of new_wikis. That last portion of the code proceeds to either store a bot created using the returned API struct, or print an error message.

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Thank you so much! That really helps. Any idea whether such a database would be stored locally or somewhere online?

The database used appears to be configurable. You can see a configuration template with a mysql section here and the code that reads that section of the config here. The ? on those code lines means "get the value, unless it is missing or an error, otherwise return from the function". You can read some official docs on ? here.

Given they are all present/valid, those configuration options eventually get passed to mysql_async::Pool::new, which is a function from a third party library called mysql_async. Here's the docs for that library.

The configuration options exposed include the hostname, meaning it would be possible to configure the code to use a local database, (with localhost etc.), or a remote one. So, unfortunately, I can't say from looking at the code how someone would have configured it.

Thank you! I don't suppose there are any clues in the code as to whether the database is something stored locally or online?

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