Help to provide appropriate types for params

Can somebody help me with the params here? I have the first one(GIOChannel), but what about the others? AFAIC they are not rust types, how to call that function?

pub fn g_io_channel_read_line(
        channel: *mut GIOChannel,
        str_return: *mut *mut c_char,
        length: *mut size_t,
        terminator_pos: *mut size_t,
        error: *mut *mut GError,
    ) -> GIOStatus;

markdown code please:

pub fn g(....) {}

Hi, I've almost managed to provide all args to the fn. Last one left, GError.
The error I'm getting is this:>

expected raw pointer *mut *mut GError
found struct GError

How to get *mut *mut GError from GError? See line with comment.
Any help appreciated.

unsafe extern "C" fn watch_out_channel(
    channel: *mut GIOChannel,
    condition: u32,
    pointer: gpointer,
) -> gboolean {
    let c_string = CString::new("Very long long string").expect("CString::new failed");
    let raw: *mut c_char = c_string.into_raw();
    let size: GType;
    let terminator_pos: GType;
    let error: glib_sys::GError;//Here I create GError, but don't now how to pass *mut *mut GError
    glib_sys::g_io_channel_read_line(channel, &mut raw, &mut size, &mut terminator_pos, error);

The error parameter is a *mut *mut GError; it should be a pointer to a variable which stores a *mut GError. The variable can be initialized with ptr::null_mut(). In case it helps, here's an example I came up with of using GLib.IOChannel via glib-sys:

use glib_sys::{GError, GIOChannel, GIOStatus};
use std::{
    ffi::{CStr, CString},
    ptr, slice, str,

// SAFETY: If `error` is not null, it must point to an initialized `GError`.
unsafe fn into_message(error: *mut GError) -> String {
    let message: &CStr = CStr::from_ptr((*error).message);
    let message: String = message.to_str().unwrap().to_owned();

fn read_lines(filename: &str) -> Result<Vec<String>, Box<dyn error::Error>> {
    let filename: CString = CString::new(filename)?;
    let mut error: *mut GError = ptr::null_mut();
    let channel: *mut GIOChannel = unsafe {
        glib_sys::g_io_channel_new_file(filename.as_ptr(), b"r\0".as_ptr().cast(), &mut error)
    if channel.is_null() {
        return Err(unsafe { into_message(error) }.into());
    let mut lines: Vec<String> = Vec::new();
    loop {
        let mut line_raw: *mut c_char = ptr::null_mut();
        let mut length: usize = 0;
        let status: GIOStatus = unsafe {
                &mut line_raw,
                &mut length,
                &mut error,
        match status {
            glib_sys::G_IO_STATUS_ERROR => {
                unsafe { glib_sys::g_io_channel_unref(channel) };
                return Err(unsafe { into_message(error) }.into());
            glib_sys::G_IO_STATUS_NORMAL => {
                let line_bytes: &[u8] = if length == 0 {
                } else {
                    unsafe { slice::from_raw_parts(line_raw.cast(), length) }
                unsafe { glib_sys::g_free(line_raw.cast()) };
            glib_sys::G_IO_STATUS_EOF => break,
            glib_sys::G_IO_STATUS_AGAIN => {}
            _ => unreachable!(),
    unsafe { glib_sys::g_io_channel_unref(channel) };

Thank you very much for your work and help. I'll try that tomorrow and hopefully will be able to have that onboard keyboard working.

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