Help needed: OpenSSL, Mac OS, without Homebrew

If you have such experience, please write steps of resolving the OpenSSL issue on Mac OS without installing Homebrew. It would be the only reason I need Homebrew, so I'm trying to avoid it.

openssl-sys crate has a vendored feature. Enable it, and it will use its own version, not homebrew's.

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Thank you, but I can't tell other crates how to use that crate.

You can! Crates' features are global, so if you add openssl-sys to your project and give it the vendor feature, this feature will be enabled for all uses of this crate in every dependency.

I'm just trying to run "cargo install cargo-edit" and it fails because of openssl.

Off-topic here, you can check quiche project, it builds boringSSL from C++ code and imported into Rust code.

Unfortunately, that can't be configured for cargo install so you will have to get Homebrew.

I'll better forget about this crate.
Thanks for responses :slight_smile:

Actually! cargo-edit has a workaround specifically for this!

cargo install cargo-edit --features=vendored-openssl

Installed package cargo-edit v0.8.0 (executables cargo-add, cargo-rm, cargo-set-version, cargo-upgrade)

You are the best! Thank you!

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