Help Modifying Code to fix complication

I downloaded a Rust package from github containing a Cargo.toml. It depends on other github-based rust packages. When I try to build the base project the compiler complains because some of the dependent projects have errors or reference obsolete crates. I can fix the code, but where is it? I tried cargo build --out-dir <wherever> to specify a location for the source, but nothing is created in <wherever>.

For instance, I get an error like:

error[E0423]: expected function, tuple struct or tuple variant, found struct `ast::Name`
   --> /Users/acbell/.cargo/registry/src/

Am I expected to go edit that file? That would seem strange.

Also, if the error is in some crate specified by some dependent package's Cargo.toml, how do I find which package is making the reference to the broken package?


You can use cargo tree to find all dependencies.

You're not supposed to edit anything in .cargo/registry directory. You can use Cargo's [patch] feature to replace problematic dependencies.

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