Help me test a DBF reading library


Hi all, I’m writing a library to read DBF files (as used in ESRI shapefiles), and it would be helpful if people could test it out.

It’s the dbf crate on, with the source code on github. It includes a simple binary dbf-dump, which is designed to give the same output as the Ubuntu command dbfdump (from the shapelib apt package).

If you could run it as cargo run --bin dbf-dump -- $DBF_FILENAME, and compare the output with dbfdump $DBF_FILENAME, and let me know of any differences, that would be very helpful. You should be able to diff the outputs. There might be some differences in whitespace.

I know there’s a lot I can do to improve error handling, there’s a lot of .unwrap()'s that I need to turn into try!(). But when developing it, I noticed some differences from the .dbf spec based on dbf files I have. I’d like to know of any other differences.


How is this project going? Is it usable for reading files for a work project?