Help me pick a simple, stateless 3D library


I currently use Kiss3D to render a simple game UI. Here is how it looks like:

See if you can spot the four pieces in a row :wink:

I am unhappy with Kiss3D because it doesn’t support text overlays and carries a lot of state. I would prefer to have a stateless solution where I rebuild the scene from a single source of truth. (In Kiss3D, changing objects after adding them involves storing RC pointers to any object you might want to touch at a later point.)

Can you recommend me a graphics library which is stateless and has buildin support for spheres, cylinders, cuboids and text overlays?


Have you looked at piston?


Instead of built in support, find an obj loader and use that with precreated assets.
An old game I was working on, Thule, makes use of this right here and here. Blender can export those mesh shapes easily. Thule is a really big source example, but if you nitpick there is some great stuff in there, eg: camera stuff