Help me choose a Mutex/RwLock ( parking_lot ? )

My library needs Mutex and RwLock ( sync not async ). I could use std::sync.

But it seems there are other options, such as parking_lot ( which I am experimenting with ), which claims it is "More compact and efficient implementations of the standard synchronization primitives."

One thing I noticed, in my example/test program, the crates I am using depend on parking_lot. That seems to be a positive.

Are there any downsides to using parking_lot? Are there other possibilities I should consider?

I'd say the usual advice applies: measure before optimizing. I'd be wary of adding dependencies in the hope of claimed/imagined performance improvements. parking_lot also comes with some caveats (e.g. it doesn't support wasm on the stable channel), which might be a problem in specific cases. I'm not specifically recommending against it, what I'm trying to say is it's not as simple as "import parking_lot and make everything faster automatically".

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I just noticed that in tokio it is a feature. So I guess that's one way to approach the issue.

I found this: Use the parking_lot locking primitives by faern · Pull Request #56410 · rust-lang/rust · GitHub

Not sure what it means exactly, and whether it has happened, is not going to happen, or may still happen.

After changing my mind a few times, I have decided to not use parking_lot, at least for the time being. I don't think any performance difference will be significant for my use case, and I think it's better on balance to avoid the dependency and opt for simplicity.

Likely not going to happen:

The problem with this PR is not how outdated it is towards master. What is holding it back is how parking_lot is currently not meeting the quality standards of the standard library and won't be accepted as a part of it right now.


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