Help Me About Rust

Hello Rust Today

While I was reviewing this, some things stuck in my mind, can you help me?

What's On My Mind Are

"~" What Does This Operator Mean?
"Int" I Saw This What Does It Mean?
"uint" And I Saw This What Does It Mean?

Normally, I have never encountered such things in Rust. I have a question mark in my mind. What do they mean? Can you help

The last commit to that repo was 2014, which was before Rust hit 1.0.

The language went through a number of pretty significant changes before 1.0 including renaming a bunch of stuff.

I believe the ~ operator is basically the same as Box::new() but guarentees that the expression will place it's result directly in the box as opposed to placing it on the stack and then moving it into the box. The only reference I could quickly find to it was this RFC though which mostly talks around what it does.

I think int/uint are just isize/usize before being renamed.

In short, this is "~" and int/uint are not used and do not exist, am I correct?

Correct, they are not a part of modern Rust.

Thank you very much, I have no question mark in my mind, thank you very much

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