Help learning Rust

Hello guys,

I'm learning Rust, from zero,with no prior experience in programming(a little bit of C),and i find it interesting and difficoult,how much time i would Need to become good at It? I know that for every person Is different,but i mean approximately,i need to learn rust because i want to work in the blockchain field.

Well, Rust is not exactly an easy language for those who are already experienced in one or more languages, so you'll have your work cut out! But you say you've done a little bit of C. I recommend this as a nice introduction for newbies, as it's very step by step.

Rust 101 Crash Course: Learn Rust (6 HOURS!) + 19 Practice Exercises | Zero To Mastery

But you'll also need to work through the official online book of course. (Zero To Mastery is not literally mastery!)

I imagine it will take you quite a few months before you can do anything serious with blockchain. But it depends exactly what you want to do.