Help debugging tested code

I'm working through 2021 advent of code. I've got day 10a but can't figure out 10b after unit testing each function I can't understand why I'm getting the wrong answer:

Any suggestions for debugging would be great

Some tips for you, if a function has &mut <struct_name> then make that function a method of the struct. The same goes for if it is not a mutable reference. Also, you should implement a method on the Bracket enum that will convert a char to a Bracket variant. Rather the using the include_str!, use std::fs::read_to_string, which will do the same thing, but into an owned type. The speed advantage is not worth it with the macro. I don't know how to help the issue you are having with what you said, what test is failing? How? Maybe try walking step by step through the program and thinking about it. Or explain what the code is doing to someone or something in person. That has been knowen to help sometime.

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