Help crate-shopping? Looking for structs to represent storage systems

Hi, all. If something like this doesn’t already exist, I might write it:

A structure to represent a StorageResource, which can be a the local filesystem, a removeable one, CIFS/AppleTalk/NFS share, WebDAV resource, S3 bucket, et cetera. The struct would contain enough metadata so that a library using it knows when it is within reach.

A second structure, ObjectLocation, to mark where within a StorageResource a particular file is stored.

(I’m writing a database backed server that tracks where individual copies of particular files are backed up, and want it to be versatile enough to understand 1. the local filesystem, 2. local network resources, 3. removeable media, and 4. cloud storage. I can think of some good use cases for this.)

Does this sound similar at all to anything in existing crates? Thanks either way.

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