Help bikeshedding a smart pointer crate name?

I’m starting a create that will provide smart pointers that enable interior mutability through a read copy update mechanism, which will enable read operations to use Deref which should make the users both fast and ergonomic for read-mostly data structures. I’m envisioning eventually three types mirroring Box, Rc, and Arc: currently named BoxCell, RcCell and ArcCell.

My current challenge is in naming the crate. “rcu” and “rcu-cell” are taken, and my idea differs from the RCU in Linux anyhow.

My current leading candidate is “unguarded” since one of the big advantages of these types will be that reading doesn’t require a guard type, so autoderef will work as beautifully as for a plain Box or Rc. I’m not entirely pleased with this name, since it might be interpreted as short of unsafe.

Any suggestions?

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Because you’re going to provide BoxCell, RcCell, and ArcCell, why not BRCell or something like that?

What would BR stand for in BRCell?

Note that I’m also open to bikeshedding on the names of the pointer types, although I think it’s valuable to retain the BoxXXX, RcXXX pattern.

Oops, I meant to suggest something more like BARCell, I forgot the A

Ah, so BAR is for Box Arc and Rc? Fun!

An interest tweak would be to name the types instead Boxu, Arcu and Rcu and then name the create barcu…

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Box, Arc and Rc are pointers, so I’d go for pointer_cell.