Hello from Rustfest Paris! - streams online

Update: as promised: Stream YouTubeCCC Playlist
Though @jer beat me to it

Today wraps the first day of Rustfest 2018 in Paris. Big thank-you to all the organisers for a very well organised day! It was a pleasure to attend so far! :heart:

Today's talks were very enjoyable, highly educational and on diverse topics.
Livestreams were recorded by RRBone and the ever-excellent Chaos Computer Club Video Operations Center; in case you missed them, the recordings will be published soon(TM) (will update with link edit: updated)

I'm now very excited for the workshop day tomorrow!

P.S. The organisers made a horrible/wonderful pun on the homepage. Arc<'de Triomphe>
In hommage to that:

In case you don't recognise him in the bad lighting, that's this year's mascot, Ferris's French cousin, who I've taken to calling Ferry.


idk why it never gets linked but the ccc has a wonderful site to stream and download videos and audio from previews events.
playlist @ media.ccc.de


Ah, I should’ve known! Links updated! (Must have overlooked that in the Rustfest announcement, thanks for pointing it out…)

Good ol’ CCC is a way more civilized recipient of your clicks than YouTube!

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