Helix to replace Vim

At this moment I use vim, and that works fine. I have the colour-coding, automatic indentation, rustfmt when I write a file, rust analyser giving warnings and so on. So I am happ with it.

But I read that Helix is all that and better. So I installed it to try it, and what I see is the same or better. Except one crucial part: no rustfmt, warnings, errors, and so on. Also no autocomplete (but I am not sure I want that, in vim I didn’t like YouCompleteMe really).

I have read the helix-instructions, github, the rust-analyzer page on Helix, and I just don’t see what I do wrong. I have a languages.toml in ~/.config/helix but still, not the result I was hoping for.

Does anyone use helix and is willing to show me the way?

What's the result of hx --health rust

all green, but one: ‘lldb-vscode’ not found in $PATH

Some basic info about your environment, like system, helix version & installation?

I didn't use helix for a while. But it seems helix can work well without any config file. I tested it on Ubuntu and installed it throught the precompiled release tar.xz.

Progress: I think I do have rustfmt working now. And maybe even clippy.

What seems to remain is that message about lldb-vscode

I was convinced rust-analyser was installed, as it worked in vim, I thought. But it wasn’t. So now I installed it with rustup and I updated the languages.toml config to auto format, and that did the trick mostly.

I use a Paspberry Pi 4, installed helix by compiling it from github today, version 23.10.

So it sounds helix works now? BTW don't forget to set the HELIX_RUNTIME environment variable :wink: .

i think so :slight_smile:

I moved the runtime to /usr/local/bin, together with the hx executable, so that should work.

Now some fooling around with colours and themes

Thanks for your help!

For autocompletion, only a few sources are supported in helix.

As a neovim user, I found myself accustomed to neovim's mature plugin ecosystems. (I started from Vim and moved on to neovim, always updating my configs.)

Oh, I just realized why I didn't update helix. I use old ubuntu, but helix 23.10 needs GLIBC_2.34. I'm too lazy to update my OS, but updating an editor and its plugins is not a hassle.

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