Heartless 0.1.0, a card game similar with mshearts

Project link

Project Goal

This project is for those people who enjoy:

  1. playing hearts game.

  2. playing in console mode.

  3. playing in graphic mode, need only to click mouse.

  4. playing in graphic mode, need only to strike keyboard.

  5. writing powerful AI strategies, in their favourite languages.

heartless, a console game

This game utilizes the same read-eval-print loop as the
"guessing game", but provides more gameplay.

See heartless/README.md for more.

heartless_tk, a graphic game

This game utilizes a heartless server, and Tk
as the UI client.

Clients written in other UI toolkits are possible.

See heartless_tk/README.md for more.


Under Apache License 2.0 or MIT License, at your will.


A demo video (hit the moon).

Demo of heartless_tk.


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